Our Story

In the Northern Californian city of Oakland there is a street called Orange St. Its a small residential street that at a glance could be deemed quite… well regular.

Orange St. isn’t a destination, but being up the hill from Lake Merritt and Oakland’s Arts District, 2 blocks away from the highway that leads you to San Francisco, Berkeley, Lafayette, San Jose, even Napa Valley, one soon realizes that Orange St. is a junction that leads to the diverse culture of the San Francisco Bay Area & it’s unique cuisine.

Conceptualized by former private chef & cookbook author Kiano Moju, this pop-up restaurant strives to bring the bright & balanced flavors of the cuisines she grew up with in the Bay Area, to London.

Tacos are a staple food across the state of California, but locals know some of the nicest tacos include flavors that span beyond the borders of Mexico, leaving the tortilla as the perfect vessel for global flavors with the unique stylings of Northern Californian cuisine.

At Orange St. we make as much as we can in our kitchens. This includes our slow cooked meats, house made pickles & sauces. The dishes on our menu were named after cities in the Bay Area they were inspired by.

We hope to see you at our next pop up and share a piece of Nor-Cal with you.